Santi Terzi

This stunning period palazzo, once home to Canova, the neoclassical sculptor, is set in San Gemini, a lively, charming and very historic village high in the hills just south of Todi.

Recently renovated and updated, Santi Terzi has emerged as a magnificent yet cheerful private villa in which the original architectural elements, including high ceilings and beautiful stonework, are set off by tasteful and comfortable furnishings.

Three sitting rooms and a choice of dining areas and kitchens provide plenty of space for a large group - so much space, in fact, that the palazzo was dubbed 'an Italian Hogwarts' by the Sunday Times.

There are breathtaking views from every window in the palazzo as well as from the stone terrace around the colonnaded swimming pool, but the best view of all is from the open tower, accessed by a trapdoor.

This area, and the village itself, are full of references to an extraordinarily rich history that spans the Roman, medieval and Renaissance eras. Festivals are held here throughout the year, but the high point is the October harvest.

Santi Terzi - Plan

Santi Terzi - Plan